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Why is water essential to your health? Water consumption helps lubricate & cushion your joints, spinal cord, and tissues. Staying hydrated helps your kidneys work more efficiently and helps to prevent kidney stones. You also need enough water in your system to have healthy stool & avoid constipation. Drinking water can also prevent dehydration. Dehydration can affect your strength, power, & endurance. That is why drinking plenty of water during sports or any physical activity is essential. Drinking plenty of water & staying hydrated is essential to keeping your body functioning properly & feeling healthy. Nearly all of your body’s major systems depend on water to function & survive. It regulates body temperature, moistens tissues in the eyes, nose & mouth, protects body organs & tissues, carries nutrients & oxygen to cells, lubricates joints, lessens the work on the kidneys & liver by flushing out waste products and so much more.



Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and improve flexibility and range of motion. The foam roller not only helps to stretch muscles and tendons, but its digs deep down into those hard to reach areas and helps to break down soft tissue and scar tissue. Using your own body weight on the roller enables one to perform self-massage, myofascial release, break up trigger points, soothe tight fascia, and increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Another benefit of foam rolling is increased blood circulation. Healthy blood flow is necessary for healthy tissue and organ function. In a perfect world SMR would be done both before a workout as part of a dynamic warm up and as part of a cool down. To keep your body as flexible and loose as possible to help prevent injury, I would become best friends with your foam roller. Make sure to spend time foam rolling 5 to 6 days a week.

The gym is a great place to benefit a person both physically and mentally. Not only does it boost your energy, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen up your muscles to minimize injury, decrease your risk for certain health conditions and help you manage your weight, but it also improves your mood. From fitness classes and cardio equipment to strength training and other recreational activities, the benefits of gym time are endless. Exercise has also been shown to decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. There's so many gyms to choose from, strength training, yoga, parkour, cross fit, Pilates, ninja, gymnastics, aerobics, spin bikes, boxing, kickboxing, and so many others.