Lifestyle Coaching Program -$99

Are you looking for guidance on your journey to better health? I've been helping people take back control of their life for over 10 years. Coaching others towards a healthier way of living mind, body, and soul. Our human body functions as one unit that's formed by many different parts. One of these parts not functioning correctly due to misalignment, can negatively affect the entire body and hinder normal movement of the body. Not getting the proper nutrition & minerals can affect the mind. Not attending to your mental health and doing things you love can affect your soul's desire. This program focuses on the body by putting our bodies back into alignment while building strength, muscle, and cardiovascular endurance 4 days a week online. I'll also be sending you a monthly video to learn more about nutrition and everything I've learned these past 10 years of training for the mind & soul. After the year we just had, it's time to put our health first. No more tomorrow, no more next year or next week. It's NOW! If your tired of hurting from weak muscles and being out of alignment or your just ready TODAY to finally say "Enough is enough! It's time to change these unhealthy habits. We have services from $29-$400. Message me to get started & allow me to guide you on your new journey.