Online Coaching Program - $495

Are you looking for guidance on your journey to better health? I've been helping others take back control of their life for over 10 years now. Coaching others towards a healthier way of living mind, body, and soul. Our human body functions as one unit that's formed by many different parts. One of these parts not functioning correctly due to misalignment, can negatively affect the entire body and hinder normal movement of the body. Not getting the proper nutrition and minerals can affect the mind. Not attending to your mental health and doing things you love can affect your soul's desire. This program focuses on the body by putting our bodies back into alignment while building strength, muscle, and cardiovascular endurance 5 days a week online. I'll also be sending you weekly videos to learn more about nutrition and everything I've learned these past 10 years of training for the mind and soul. If your tired of hurting from your body being weak and out of alignment or your just ready to finally say today is the day I take back my power message me and I'll send you my free consultation questionnaire to see what areas of misalignment and weaknesses you may have and our best packages for you based off your questions.


Investing in customer service will help you retain your customers & will help you acquire new customers. In an era where companies are learning to prioritize customer service, any company that doesn't do so ultimately closes their doors. Customers are influenced by even a single experience; one positive experience could be the deciding factor for them to stick to a brand, whereas one negative one could send them running to a competitor. Every month we will go through your place of business like a secret shopper. We will then put all our findings together and send you a detailed analysis of the whole visit so you can keep track of the progress your managers & employees are making. 



Influencer marketing is a 6.5 billion dollar industry and the #1 best marketing tool for businesses today. You need to put your brand out there for people to recognize it. On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. You'll receive unlimited story mentions on 4 Instagram accounts, 1 feed mention once a month on 1-4 Instagram accounts, and the opportunity to be a part of our online games and monthly Good Vibe pack giveaway.

Giveaway Partnership -$25

Every month you can enter a product into our giveaways and/or promotional products to be featured in our Good Vibe Care Packages. Every week we do a giveaway or partner with a business to give away a Good Vibe Care Pack to one of our online members or a member of our local community. It's a great way for businesses to promote their products and get online promotion through a brand who cares. 

Corrective Exercise Strength Training - $1000

This program is for schools. (5th-12th) Twice a week we will come to your school during PE/Athletics. We focus on correcting postural imbalances while building strength in your athletes. Both posture & exercise are important for optimal health.

What are the benefits of corrective exercise?

  • Improve Performance
  • Restore Performance
  • Reduce Injury Risk
  • Decrease Pain
  • Increased mobility & movement quality